Saturday, June 23, 2018

Photographs and Tea Bags

In the past few months I have received a number of requests
asking me how I add photographs to tea bag paper. 

I haven't answered these questions - and I apologize to those who have asked. 

The main reasons I haven't responded are:
1. - not enough time to answer right now 
2. - do I want to share this information with the world? 
3. - and if I do want to share - what format will it take?

I have been toying with the idea 
of creating an online course 
or making a short tutorial style blog post
to share how I do this.

So for now I ask for your patience while I figure this out.  
I promise I will let you know when I know. 


  1. I TOTALLY get it! We will be here when you decide what's right for you. :D

  2. Guard your secrets. I love your style and if I want to do something similar I will practice and experiment and learn, just as you did.

  3. these are wonderful, Kim.. love them..

  4. Sharing is caring should be a motto for your fan base; intellectual property is not how you do something but what you do with you don't have to feel like you are "giving it" away - your style is yours. Just say "I print them" and let the rest figure the details.

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