Saturday, July 7, 2018

Playing with Birds

I really enjoy incorporating my drawings into collage. 
The bird in this creation is a copy of a drawing I did sometime ago. 
I then added bits and pieces and some scribbles to create this piece.

Below is a bit of the original drawing as well as another creation this bird has shown up in. 

The same thing happened with this piece.
A bird drawing that ended up in a whirlwind of collage and scribbles.

And below is the same bird showing up in different creations. 


  1. They are all so unique! ♥♥♥♥

  2. Love these, such deep warm tones you create.

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  4. lovely!stitching is so peaceful

  5. I love your work. It's very inspiring for me. I'm 62, have a degree in Graphic Design, but had to go to work to support the family. Art was squeezed in over the years. Now that I'm retired, I'm referring to works like yours that make me want to create, create, create!!!

    1. Thanks so much! Your comment makes me happy. My art is squeezed in as time permits, but I do work to creating something every week.