Monday, April 30, 2012

Playing With Plaster.....Again

I love painting on plaster, and happily spent my day painting these two leaves.
I enjoy wrapping the painting around the edge of the piece.

My husband made me a supply of wooden cradle boards that I can add a layer of plaster to before painting.  I love the look of the plaster with tiny holes, gouges and not quite straight edges.   Unfortunately, I have run out of plaster, and the plaster store is 100 miles (160 kms) away, so even though I am in the mood to play some more, it will have to wait.


  1. Beautiful...I wish I could run my hands over this piece of art. The colors are simply gorgeous.

  2. Beautiful work Kim, I've never tried painting on plaster before, you make me intrigued about it.


  3. Love this beautiful minimalist painting! (I think I’d have to kill myself if the nearest art supply store was 100 miles away! ;)

  4. what marvelous texture! i've saved a sac of plaster in my studio for some time now. you've given me the motivation to break it open and experiment. thank you!

  5. Wow plaster, now there's a thought!! This is so gorgeous Kim and i sympathise with you for your store being so far away, i live in a very rural area and have to really think about what i need a long time ahead when i visit!!! :) x