Friday, April 20, 2012

Journal Pages

 I continue to work on decorating pages and writing in my journal.  I like the way the pages look when they are filled with writing. 

 Here are a couple more pages that I decorated and are ready for me to add some words too.

I used a copy of the flowers I drew to decorate this page.  

This page is really out of my comfort zone.  It was an assignment that was part of the journaling online course that I took with Judy Wise.   

These words were words on Judy's page, and I thought they were perfect to include here.


  1. Your journal pages are just gorgeous, and your writing looks beautiful written all over the pages! Love the soft, warm colors, too.

  2. I like the way the pages look with the writing all over them too! Beautiful journal!

  3. Beautiful journal pages Kim! I agree they look fantastic with all the writing on them.

  4. Your pages are beautiful Kim... I love them filled with handwriting too...

    Jenny x

  5. The journalled page is beautiful - love those flowers

  6. I really like the page with the flowers along the side. The colors are so soft and calming. And the quote on the last page is perfect!!