Saturday, September 1, 2012

Continuing On In Collage

It has been a challenging week, with just too many goodbyes.  As always creating helps me feel better.   Here are a couple of collages that I have created recently. 

The first is my Petal Person.  I used a copy of a face I painted some time ago, and then numerous pressed petals from a couple of different types of lilies  to create the person.  Dots and X are cut from paper.  I enjoyed making her, even though she was more difficult to make then what she looks like.  We had our struggles along the way. 

The second collage is House On The Shore.   It is made strictly from paper.

From tea bags and text covered pages. 

I then played with the colours of this one on my computer.

And tried them in various mats.

I always have a hard time choosing a mat, but do like how the creations look in them. 


  1. The textures, colours and shapes are all gorgeous! Very inspiring

  2. the girl is pretty but it's the house that had me swooning! wow!

  3. I clicked to zoom in and I love the textures ... I really like the simplicity of these. Nice work

  4. Your work continues to astonish me. Such care with delicate compositions make me hold my breath in wonder, and your palette is a treasure. Love these Kim.

  5. Love both of these. The textures and colors are fantastic. I could see a whole series of petal people coming on : )

  6. LOVE these both so much - It is funny - I seem to always want a black mat but I think these look better with the lighter mat - maybe because it doesn't draw away from the gorgeous collage. . .

  7. I just love ALL your work but esp the house on the shore this time. I wish I could buy it all.Thank you for sharing.

  8. Kim, I love the house on the shore, too. reminds me of our home here on this island. beautiful work. -sus