Monday, September 17, 2012

Fall Photo Shoot

Today was a perfect day for a fall photo shoot.

These flowers are no longer blooming as  the frost took them away last week, and the snow came far down the mountainside. 

But the snow receeded, and it was a beautiful fall day today.  Some of the leaves have already blown off the trees,

but the ones that are hanging on

add amazing bits 
of beauty.

The grass 
and the leaves of the Fireweed

are showing off with their finest colours.
And yet I know with a few more big winds, the leaves will dance away,

and the snow will change this landscape

from the beauty of a fall day, and cover it with the beauty of winter.
(All photos were taken within 100 steps of my house)


  1. Beautiful pictures. What a glorious view you have!

  2. So beautiful! I am really looking forward to fall this year being in Seattle!

  3. wow, you have a view. your part of the world is beautiful. Our fall is just starting. Acorns are raining down but the leaves, not so much.

  4. Aren’t you lucky to have such beauty 100 steps away! It ALMOST makes up for the distance you have to drive to go grocery shopping! (and all that snow!) Makes for beautiful pictures though. ;)

  5. Originally I am from the western USA, living at a high altitude, the Rockies surrounding us....your photos brought back such beautiful memories. But outside our door, it was not nearly so breathtakingly beautiful. Thank you for sharing your photos of your homeland. Simply wonderful.

  6. Beautiful pictures auntie Kim! Looks like you're having nice fall weather! Thanks for all your comments along my adventure! Love ya!

  7. Amazing ... and only 100 steps away? Our fall colors are just beginning to make an appearance and with the beautiful blue sky it is all just so breathtaking - I love this time of year

  8. oh gosh,,,look at that mountain...all this beauty withing 100 little, tiny steps do live in paradise you know that. Wonderful shots...