Sunday, September 30, 2012

exploring possibilities

I continue my love in making accordian books.

I made this one a few weeks ago for my daughter.  I used some paper that received some colour from steaming it with plants. (you can read more about that here)

I added some plants and tea bag paper and a few doodles with pen and ink.

And I sent it to my daughter.
My daughter is presently attending her first year of university about 4000 miles away from home. 

She is exploring possibilities, as was I in the creation of this little book.


  1. All of your creations are so lovely. They have such a quiet, peaceful soul.
    I hope your daughter is well. 4,000 miles is such a long way away....
    Thanks for your visit over at my blog.
    Goodnight, my friend,

  2. It's so teeny tiny cute! I bet your daughter was thrilled!
    PS Don’t forget to send her brownies/cookies. She’ll be the most popular girl in the dorm! (I used to get thank you notes from total strangers when the boys were in college! LOL)

  3. Beautiful botanical book. You must really miss your daughter.

  4. Beautiful book Kim, it must be hard being that far away from your daughter!!

  5. Such a beautiful book you made...for your daughter. Very touching... And I will read more about your leaves now, thank you! Have a lovely new day! kath

  6. How lucky for your daughter to receive this beautiful book. Her friends will all think you are the cool mom!

  7. how touching! the perfect little bit of autumn and invitation to widen the horizons of possibility!

  8. I love how you have explored the possibilities here, your touches of fall, and your designs are all so beautiful! What a treasure.

  9. very nice, I too love to make little books. I'm making one right now using my favorite poem.

  10. Thats really dreamy and the technique very inspiring!

  11. I am totally amazed by your lovely natural style. And this cute little book brought you a new follower ;)