Friday, August 9, 2013

Jewelry # 3 - New Necklaces

Even though I have been spending more of my time outside enjoying the summer, I did manage to finish a couple of necklaces that were on my unfinished projects list. 

I mounted the bits I decorated on  pieces of metal, 
and then hung them on a piece of chain that hangs on the necklace.

I decided to decorate both sides as the pieces can swing around as you move. 

I also made one in reddish tones

That has flowers and scribbles on one side,

and leaves and scribbles on the other side.

Now I am off to enjoy more summer, as I felt fall in the air early this morning, with the temperatures only 2 degrees above freezing!


  1. Wow, these are so beautiful! Thanks for all your lovely comments, I appreciate them muchly :)

  2. So very beautiful, hope your summer hangs on a bit longer! xx

  3. Dear Kim,
    it looks all so beautiful! Please, tell me after your summer-vacation when your shop is open... I am interested on this reddish necklace!

    xo Ariane.

  4. Nice work as always Kim. Hope summer holds out while longer. Hasn't it been splendid?
    Xxxoo -sus

  5. 2 degrees above freezing on August 10th! Oy!
    PS gorgeous necklaces!

  6. The dangly design is really wonderful, and what a great idea to put images on both sides! Very nice.

  7. Wonderful Girl - love these pieces!!

  8. Lovely jewellery, a beautiful bird book & your latest bundle book is wonderful. Great to meet kim, too!