Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wandering Through

I added this creation to my tea bag makings.
I love creating with these bits and pieces
( tea bag, pencil/charcoal, paint, ink, pan pastels, collage bits, pen)
I am never sure where the wandering will take me.


  1. Kim, I'm sitting here wanting to write something intelligent, but the only thing that keeps running through my mind is a very long exhaled "Oh...". It's an "oh" of awe and wonder. We share this thing for tea bags, but you use them in the most exquisite way. Brava!

  2. Beautiful thing you do so well is make everything blend in together so well...there are no annoying lines or anything visible from your collage pieces, it just all melts together, yet there is a lot of wonderful texture. I see this is in a matte...I do hope this means you will be selling your work again some day.

  3. Jennifer is right, there is nothing more to say after 'Oh.........' (sigh)♥

  4. this is beautiful!!!!, I wonder, what are the dimensins, it is really small?

    1. Thanks Roberto - For me it is not too small, but I tend to work smallish. The painting is about 14.5 X 9.5 cms in size.

    2. thanks for your explanation. I also do my drawings in small size, about 10x15 if I work on bigger size, I feel that I lose the proportion of the elements in the drawing.
      Byeeeeeeeeee have a nice week!!