Thursday, August 29, 2013

More Tea Bag Love

Once again I am back playing with my photographs on tea bags 
with a mixture of paint, ink and pan pastel added to the mix.

The art piece (without the matte) measures about 14.5 X 9.5 cm.
I like looking at how the piece looks with a matte
Somehow it helps me see if it is finished

Below is the photograph I took that I created this piece from.
I often take photographs with the idea of using them in these tea bag type creations.


I should have a few more of these tea bag creations to share soon.


  1. wow - Kim. Love these images. A fabulous way to work on tea bags.

  2. They are really wonderful Kim! How do you get the photograph on the tea bag??
    I love the texture and moody quality you get!

  3. Yes Kim do tell.. are these transfers? well done, they are wonderful!

  4. Thanks for including the photo, Kim. It's cool to see what your inspiration was. Beautiful!

  5. Beautiful, as always. I love the second image of the stacked stones.

    Sorry I haven't been around to visit. It's just been too darn hot for me to do much of anything.

  6. Those are so ethereal, Kim! What an amazing idea!

  7. I can see where simple images and high contrast really lend themselves to these prints. How every lovely! Cindi

  8. Love your work! I look forward to seeing more.