Thursday, December 12, 2013

Little Gem

There is a little girl in the small town I live in that is very sick and her parents, baby brother and her have travelled to a hospital 1300 miles away from here for her treatment. 
We call her 'Little Gem'
There is a fund raiser for her family, and I made this necklace for the fund raiser
It has a pearl (little gem) in the middle of a soldered wire wrap nest that I made.

The necklace can be worn at different lengths.
It is quite rustic, but I like how it turned out. 
I also made this necklace this week.



  1. I love the necklace you made for the fund raiser…such a great cause too!

  2. I love all your jewelry but ‘Little Gem’ is fabulous!!! Hope it raises lots of $$ to help her family.