Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Today At Work

Today at work I had to take pictures of animal skulls
(I work at a National Park, and these skulls can be found in the hands on section at the visitor centre)
a wolf skull
a lynx skull
and a snowshoe hare skull

I had set the skulls on the floor to take these pictures, and when I looked up . . .
this was my view out the window.
The sun was just coming up - it was 11 in the morning

and the sun made the sky behind these trees such a beautiful shade of greenish yellow.
It was a lovely day at work. 


  1. Those skulls are pretty interesting but I love the sunrise pictures and the greenish yellow hue. So different to what I'm used to and so pretty.

  2. Wow!!! What it is that causes the greens and yellows of the sunrise?

  3. Beautiful photos! I have never noticed the sky to look so green, gorgeous!

  4. Oh my! How lucky are you? (If it were only warmer I could live there.....maybe.....part time.......)

  5. How marvellous,
    How wonderful............

  6. Gasp!!! So beautiful, Kim!!!
    I like the skulls, too - me and the Sailor have a nice collection of skulls ourselves, collected over the years in the woods and on the beach.

  7. wonderful pictures! I love the skulls!!
    and your window view is great!