Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I was supposed to be cleaning my studio. 
I found some strips of card stock to be put away
and then I found some weathered paper that I had painted and stamped on

And ... well, things did not get put away 
the urge to create with them was just to great and I followed along

Until this appeared.

'What FUN that was' I thought, 
now I better get back to cleaning.

Next I found my charcoal pencil 
and an old dictionary that I had ripped some pages from.

And .... well - more creating had to happen.

and I drew

and I drew
and I coloured and I painted

Until this happened.

And then it was time for bed.


  1. Ha! what a good way for the day to get away from you :)
    Best- K

  2. LOVED how you spent your day! And what you create is awesome!

  3. You should never stand in the way of your muse when she creates such beauty as this!

  4. WAY more fun than cleaning, and much more inspirational for me! Thanks, Kim!

  5. ALWAYS follow the muse...looks what she brings! Lovely!

  6. MUCH better use of your time than cleaning your studio!! Beauty was born :)

  7. you did spend your time so well, xx

  8. As far as I can see it you should "clean" up your studio more often, the results are amazing, not necessarily for the studio though...
    xo Barbara Bee

  9. So NICE! Thanks for sharing your talents!

  10. "The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life."
    Jessica Hische

  11. Perhaps you should clean your studio every day. I know I would if this was the wonderful result each time. The books are beautiful!

    Merry Christmas Kim!!!

  12. When the mood takes, you just have to go with it. They are beautiful.

  13. You are one of a kind. I bet your dreams were sweet after all of this loveliness dear Kim! Truly you create magical special things that uplift my spirit when I see them. Greetings of the season to you and your family. I continue to look very forward to seeing what you are up to! Big Hugs, Norma, x