Friday, February 6, 2015

DC- Dinner Gala

This weeks drawing challenge is 'Dinner Gala'. 

I rarely (if ever) attend formal parties,
and therefore wasn't sure what would show up for my drawing challenge this week. 
 But  this little lady wanted to go, 
so I did her hair and put on some earrings
 and she was off to her fancy party ready to dine and dance the night away. 

I was then looking for things to draw for my (not quite) daily drawing exercise,
and with 'Dinner Gala' still on my mind,
 I decided to draw some of my jewelry. 

If I had drawn her on a bigger canvas, 
 I could have drawn her a nice necklace to wear as well. 

See more 'Dinner Gala' creations here.


  1. Oh, I think your little lady will be the star at our gala dinner!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. she surely has that sparkle in her eyes Kim.
    i adore your daily drawings, they are so beautifully 'alive' and i said it before, your handwriting adds a special touch.
    have a lovely weekend, x

  3. I love her dainty little earrings! Your drawings have so much charm Kim.

  4. She's such a freckle-faced darling of the gala set. And I love her impish grin. Really well done Kim. X

  5. you're inventive, the jewelry is so delish, i could right order some. yes, me too. i love the freckles!! n♥

  6. Ahhhhh your girl with the sparkly eyes certainly knows how to accessorize! Lovely drawings Kim.
    xo C

  7. very sparkeling at all - love your little lady.

  8. Great idea for a drawing challenge - and your sweet girl with her earrings are just perfect! She has so much personality!

  9. Hi Kim. The next Drawing Challenge is at Veronica Roth's place:
    See you there. xo