Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A New Book Just To Play In

In my last post I mentioned that I had a new sketchbook that I have been having fun with. 

It is a smallish book that I made, 
and is bursting with pages ready for creative play.

I tea stained the pages before putting the book together. 
I decorated a few pages a bit using my typewriter and some handcarved stamps.

I also decided to make some pages smaller then others.... this may have been a mistake. 

Some of the pages turned out so beautifully just as they are
that I may have a hard time adding to them.

My plan is to add little bits of paper or stamps or ink or paint
that I am using in different projects, 
or that are on my desk and I don't want to throw away.

Once the bits are added I will go back in
with pen or pencil or paint or paper to complete the page.

I never know who will come to play. 

This page has a small page on the right hand side. 

Which means I need to keep the colour and bits at the top and bottom
of the larger page in mind as I create the next page
..... this is okay, just a bit more difficult. 

This project has been inspired by many different creations I have seen online,
such as the amazing sketchbooks of Lynne Hoppe
and the whimsical work of Judy Shreve

And even though I have only completed four pages so far,
I can't believe how much fun I am having. 


  1. Everything about this journal is wonderful. I'm in awe of how you tea-stained the pages.

  2. kim, this is the smile-makingest post!!! now you're making *me* wanna go play!! i am absolutely honored to have been any kind of inspiration, and it couldn't mean that more...

    what kind of paper did you use in the book? it's sooo gorgeous...


    1. Hi Lynne - go play! and so glad I made you smile.
      I used 90 lb cold press watercolour paper.... I think.....

  3. I'm loving all your bunnies!! Great art journal - you are so talented!!

  4. These pages are so beautiful and I am completely inspired to start something similar myself. It looks such fun. I do hope you'll continue to share with us as the book develops.

  5. This post is just fabulous - your book is amazing - but your artwork is truly inspirational. I love your color palette and all the fun images on each page. And thank you for including me in the whimsy! Makes me smile!

  6. Kim, your book and the art in it is simply FANTASTIC. I didn't mean to shout, but it is!

  7. playful it is and very beautiful !!, makes me want to make a book too, very inspiring Kim;

  8. Oh my! Kim. this book is so magical. It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.

  9. This is stunning. It already feels like it is brimming with creativity but I look forward to seeing more pages filled!

  10. and some playing! oh, lovely, kim, so ethereal to me... n♥

  11. I really enjoyed your idea of ...play..

  12. Popped over from a link on Fb and I am SO glad that I did! This book - the pages - are pure delight!! I look forward to seeing more, as a new follower.
    Off to tell my friend about you now :o)) x

  13. It's fantastic, in so glad my friend Twinkle sent me the link. I can see a few other friends here as well.
    Just the construction of the book had me without looking at your illustrations

  14. Just beautiful! I've found you via Seth Apter, and so pleased to be here.

  15. Lovely and inspirational! I love your drawings!

  16. gorgeous nature inspired art journal. loved discovering your playfulness via lynne hoppe.