Sunday, May 31, 2015

Art At The Dump

About a month ago I was asked to be involved with a project
to create art from what could be found at the local dump. 

Living in a small community, we don't have garbage pick up, 
everyone takes their own garbage, and recycling items to the dump. 
The dump has a separate metal section
 as well as a section with lots of wood bits.

Attached to the building that holds the recycled items
there is a free store where items that are not garbage are put,
 and people can take them if they need them.

It is actually a pretty busy place with people not only bringing items,
but also picking up items that they may need
- especially since the closest hardware store is 100 miles away.

I spent some time there and found this old medicine cabinet 
that I thought I could turn into something.

So I scrubbed it down, hammered out a few dents and gave it a coat of paint. 

I also found some corks, a box of dominoes, a roll of paper, egg cartons,
 some old sewing patterns, used light bulbs and some pieces of wood 
that I used as the bases to create a variety of little items. 

I added some ink, paint, glue and some drawings from my supply at home
 to complete the pieces.

I also made some little bowls by shaping some mushed up egg carton pulp around a ball I found at the dump, and decorated them with coloured sewing patterns. 

There is more to this story, 
as I also spent a day at the dump 
getting community members to make items 
that were put on the shelves in the cabinet that became
a cabinet of curiosities.

Pictures of how it all came together will be posted soon...... I promise.


  1. Wonderful "RE-creations"
    Looking forward to the rest of the story and the finished pieces.

  2. What fun! Wish I had been there! :D

  3. A great idea!. It sounds like a lot of fun. I love how you made the bowl I think I will start saving my egg cartons.

  4. DELIGHTFUL WORK! too bad more communities don't have this...imagine a world of wondrous repurposed art from cast offs!

  5. What fun this sounds - such a great use for all those things that are one person's rubbish and someone else's delight. You certainly found and created treasure here.

  6. Your art spirit soars and brings with it inspiration and joy in the pieces you make. Love everything. That medicine cabinet!!! It's big. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished installation Kim! N, x

  7. Love all your creations, especially the bowl! Sounds like a great day at the dump!

  8. Going to dumps and making art with things people have thrown away.... oh we should meet one day and swap stories! Can't wait to see the next round of pictures. xo Carole

  9. How wonderful! I recently made some art from things I picked up from the dollar table at a swap meet. Really makes you use your imagination on the possibilities. I love what you made

  10. This is fabulous. I LOVE repurposed projects & now wish there was still a swap trailer at my transfer station. The little collaged/painted pieces, those are really nice. Very inspiring, thanks for sharing.