Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Cabinet of Curiosites

As part of the 'Art at the Dump' project
I drew and collaged this piece
on a paper covered piece of cardboard 
(paper and cardboard both acquired from the dump).

I used it to decorate the door of the 'Cabinet of Curiosities'

Inside the cabinet I added the pieces I created,
but left lots of room for pieces that community members were going to create.

I had fun playing with used light bulbs. 
 I added a hat and balls made out of egg carton paper pulp to this one,
and secured it to a block of wood with a furnace filter (found at the dump). 
The filter took a lot of work to clean up, but worked really well to secure the light bulb. 

This emptied light bulb is filled with feathers.  

The cabinet also contains bowls made out out egg carton paper pulp and
decorated with coloured sewing pattern paper,

corks decorated with hand carved stamps

and wooden blocks (found at the dump) decorated with collage and drawings. 

 After a day of community creating
where I was very busy helping so many people (mostly kids & youth)
create items for the cabinet, our cabinet was full.  

Some of the kids actually took their creations home,
which was fine as the cabinet still had lots of wonderful creations.


  1. This is simply lovely... A real cabinet of curiosities! I love your approach to using recycled materials and creating such incredible art from them. The door of the cabinet is suitably quirky and curious! Thanks for sharing an intriguing project and it's great that it was a communityh project as well. Most intriguing.


  2. Wonderful! Fabulous! A real treasure filled with stories about each piece. I am sure all who participated will look at "trash" with new eyes.

  3. It just gets curiouser and curiouser! What a delightful display. who would ever have thought garbage could be so pretty?

  4. This makes me want to go to the dump! LOL

  5. Hi there :-)
    I wandered (wondered) a bit around your blog today, and saw a lot of good stuff! May I come again? :-)

    1. Hello, how nice of you to drop by.... yes please do come again I love having visitors!

  6. Your community cupboard runneth over!
    Great project. xo Carole