Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Bowl Binge

I enjoyed making bowls out of egg carton pulp for my 
Art at the Dump project,
so I decided to make a few more. 

I had been wanting to try making a bigger one

And so I made this one. 

I decorated it by adding some layers of tea bag paper
and some stamped on tissue paper and a bit of paint. 

I finished it off with a layer of wax medium to give it a nice finish.

I made a little ball of paper pulp as well, and decorated it in the same colours.
When you swirl the bowl, the ball rolls around in it very nicely.... it is funny the little things that bring me delight. 

I also finished a couple of small size bowls. 

This one was painted.... 

And this one was covered with layers of coloured tissue paper. 

They can't hold soup or anything,
but I think they will look great  holding all my many treasures
(probably rocks..... )

Besides building bowls, 
I have been trying to get out and enjoy our summer. 

I went hiking with my daughter and her friend

And we enjoyed some time taking pictures together. 

More hiking adventures and bowl making are in the works!


  1. Beauty overload!!! Both the bowls and the scenery!

  2. Wow. Those bowls are amazing! What a great idea! Do you have a recipe or instructions on how to make them? I would love to try that!

  3. No wonder you can't stop making these bowls. They are beautiful. You must be eating s lot of eggs.Lol!

  4. Those bowls are beautiful. Very inspirational. I must try this!!!!

  5. I love these bowls! I read your past postings about Art from the Dump - great idea- and your creations are wonderful. I'm most intrigued though about the bowls - we always have egg cartons around here - so you just made a pulp and formed it around a bowl and let it dry? if you're willing to share your process, I'd love to hear it!

  6. The small sphere rolling around the curve of its' container grabbed me quickly. It is like a little mini universe right there in paper and love. Make more for sure! Have you seen the beauties on pinterest? Jaw dropping. Artists use all kinds of things to add in their paper bowl shaped sculptures and I'm reminded of wee twigs and bark and moss and tiny feathers and stones which would be in your environs up there. Love your pictures Kim, N, x

  7. I love your beautiful bowls! I would love to know your process also. Looking at the dates of the other comments, i might be 2 yrs late. Just saw them on pinterest.