Friday, May 8, 2015

Pencil and Collage

I continue on working in my 'For the Love of Play' journal.

The pages started with a few stamps, and then some bits of collage
and were finished with some pencil drawings. 

I enjoyed creating these pages so much that I continued on 
with the same supplies on the next pages. 

I have to move on to a different project now, 
so not sure when I will get back to playing in this little journal
that I enjoy so much.


  1. Stunning...just simply stunning. I so badly want to see this hold it and turn the pages.

  2. Lovely as usual Kim. I just love that rust color. It is right up my color alley!

  3. I am in love with this journal...

  4. such a GRAND DELIGHTFUL mixture!

  5. I am thoroughly mesmerized by these pages. Absolute spectacularness!

  6. You are so inspiring! I just discovered your blog and will be visiting it a lot! Thank you!