Saturday, September 19, 2015

A One Day Adventure


Fall was in full splendor the first week of September
so my daughter and I headed out
for a 1 day adventure.
Our first stop was only a few miles from our Yukon home.  

There are only a few roads out of the town we live in

but this one that leads up and over a mountain pass
crosses the Canadian border into the United States,
and then travels down to the Alaskan coast
is my favourite.

There is beautiful scenery every way you look,
but I had to be satisfied with taking pictures out the car windows
or we wouldn't have made it. 

We did stop at the pass
after climbing up above tree line.

And then began to wind our way down
towards the coastal forest
and the ocean.

Where the trees are larger,
grow higher up the mountainsides
and are not yet in full fall colours.


We spent some time exploring by the ocean

and walking some coastal forest trails

Until our day had passed,
and it was time to  
drive the road home again.

Back up over the mountain pass

 viewing the mountains from a different perspective.

The evening light gave us quite a show on the way home.

And I couldn't stop taking pictures
out of the car window.

Until the light disappeared into the night sky
as we were making the final turns
back home. 


  1. The magnificence of your one day journey leaves me breathless and uttering a whispery "Oh!" with each photo. Such stunning beauty...and taken from the car window. Thank you so very much for sharing your photos.

  2. Kim the colours! I loved taking this trip with you. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was reminded of your beautiful light (lanterns that display tea light candles inside) source covers. The way the light plays off of the mountains at the end of day and the way the light dances through the display of your art light candle covers. WHAT are they properly called, I forget. But the dark greens against mustard mosses and plantstuffs and the pale green leaves against darker forest growth. Lovely, all of it. Bless you Kim, N, x

    1. I called those little light dancers luminaries.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing these stunning photos of the most spectacular landscape .
    You live in a very beautiful place Kim and your artwork reflects this.

  4. Beautiful pictures. Even though the scenery is spectacular, you are a great photographer to capture the colors. Sun does help. From just a little farther south in Juneau. Love your art work!

  5. Breathtaking! <3