Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Finished Bits - Necklaces

I finally had some time to put some of the bits together 
into some necklaces. 

I made some longer necklaces with lots of 
dangling bits

Dangles were added behind this resin on recycled metal piece 
I made some time ago.

Hammered and coiled metal pieces make up this shorter necklace.

And hammered and twisted pieces made up this one.

I enjoyed playing with bits and pieces
to create all of these pieces.

And in the end decided to keep
this simple piece for myself. 

If any of these appeal to you, 
I would love to know which one.


  1. Love them all but especially the first one and the one with 3 *teardrops* and mixed metals. Beautiful work!

  2. Love the one with the wide rectangle (2nd to last), and the bird, bur especially the on with the wide circle and the pop of yellow green.

    The are all just beautiful!

  3. As always, your blog never ceases to inspire with the way you create and also share the beautiful part of the world you live in. All your pieces are wonderful but my fave this time is the one with the hammered rings and squiggle! Will they be heading to your Etsy shop?

  4. All are lovely but my favorite is the one with the bird. Second favorite is the one with 3 hammered and coiled pieces and 3rd is your favorite but close is the second to last one with the wide rectangular piece.

  5. Kim they are all fabulous, but my favorites - 2 -( couldn't pick just one) are the hammered and coiled metal pieces and the resin bird with recycled dangles! Are they for sale??

  6. Oh oh oh! I LOVE the 'dangle' ones! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  7. They are all lovely but the first three are my favourites and the third one with the bird is I think in top place!!
    You are very talented Kim and I really enjoy your blog..thank you !