Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Back to Books


One of the things I did this summer
was teach a course on how to make a pocket book.

And I finally finished putting together
 the sample I was making in class.  

The front is decorated with layers of ink, paint, stamps 
and bits of copies of my drawings. 

The inside pockets are made from small envelopes
and decorated in the same way. 

Each envelope makes a pocket
ready to store some sort of treasure...
a love letter.....
a quote......
a poem......
a drawing.....

And the back cover is finished off in the same style.

I also recently finished making a journal.

It's soft cover, 
is made with layers of fabric and paper 
and finished with a layer of wax.

I decorated the cover with paint and ink
 and then sewed leaves on it.

And inside I decorated the stitched leave patterns.

The pages are made of sketch paper 
and perfect for writing or sketching. 

The back cover is also decorated with sewn leaves.

And the whole book is kept nice and tidy 
with an elastic cord.


  1. beautiful work, and the pocket book is brilliant...

  2. wonderful books, i love the pocket book

  3. Lovely!! ♥♥♥ Making books is so satisfying, isn't it!?

  4. Beyond stunning. Both of these are pure gems.

  5. I love your work Kim, especially the books like this one.
    Vicky xx