Saturday, October 3, 2015

Creative Experimentation

I have been busy with creative experiments lately.

I often find when this happens that one project 

 leads to another....

which leads to another....
and nothing gets finished

and I still have jewelry bits laying about waiting for some attention. 

But since we know snow will arrive any day,
daughter and I headed out for one more exploration
before winter settled in.

Her creative experimentation included perspectives of the mountain
from the middle of the road.

while I was enthralled by the patterns on the mountains. 


  1. wow, you already have that much snow!
    we have none.....
    just beautiful autumn days and lots of color.
    your experiments are enticing
    and the photos of your time with your daughter, fun and gorgeous
    lovely autumn to you

  2. Interesting looking experiments........ ;)

  3. I think your new projects look beautiful and the photos of the mountains amazing ...the patterns are really quite stunning and I am sure this is going to inspire you as you create.
    Thank you for sharing,

  4. Hi Kim. I so enjoyed your bits and pieces section of this post. Gosh I can tell my own stories of fiddling around and then getting all excited and then never really finishing much at all. But it is true...sometimes when you go back, you can finish something and it's perhaps even more exciting than when you started, as there's been new inspiration to add to the original idea. This however does not happen as much as I'd like. HA! Love your environs so much. You are wise to go out before the real snow comes. Love your post. Love your work always. N, x