Thursday, October 15, 2015

Patterned Pages Experiments

I finally finished putting together this book
that I started long ago. 

I coloured all of the pages, but wasn't really happy with them
as they are not as smooth as I had hoped. 
And so they sat in a my studio for a long time.

After some time passed, I decided to make the pages into a book
 as I had first planned

and am happy with how it turned out in the end.

So learning from the first book
I challenged myself to make another one.

and here are the patterned papers from my previous post
now become these patterned pages.

 I am much happier with how these pages turned out.

I also added some envelopes to each signature

that become pockets to store bits in.

Creative experiments don't always go as planned, 
but I enjoy that it leads me to places of new discovery. 


  1. Sometimes a failure turns out to be something even better! (Not that I'm even suggesting you EVER fail at any of your creative endeavors!lol) Just sayin'......... ;)

  2. I love your soft colors and how much they lend themselves to writing on. I mainly decorate my daily writing journal and have many journals I have bound with double O wires. You are one of the first persons I have seen that does more of what I do. Love your work.