Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Notebooks with Extra Pages

I have just finished making
 a few small notebooks

that are secured with an elastic when closed.

These soft covered notebooks
are decorated front and back 
with hand decorated paper and my carved stamps.

My thinking is that they would be perfect to tuck inside
a purse or a bag for note taking.

I have designed them so that when 
the pages are filled with notes,
they can be removed from the cover
by simply slipping them out
and replacing the pages with a new set of pages.  

I have made an extra set of pages for each notebook....
and am wondering if I should make 2 extra sets.

But until I decide
I am happy to report this one small project that has been 
in my brain for some time is now complete.


  1. I love your mini journal books, and being able to remove the used pages is a great idea!

  2. KIM....LOVE these. The collage elements look organic...WELL DONE!

  3. wonderful little books - and brilliant construction design with the extra packet of pages!

  4. Beautiful covers as always and a great idea and something different with the removable pages.

  5. Kim - your creativity always astounds me!! These notebooks are amazing - tell me - where would a mortal like myself purchase some of your great work??

  6. These notebooks are beautiful and the additional pages a great idea.
    Almost too beautiful to use!