Monday, May 24, 2010

Books on an Non-Book Day!

I didn't think I was going to make books today. Actually I had decided to take a break from book making, and do some painting and collage work. But then last night before bed, I looked at my niece's blog, and she had made this really cute little book, and I couldn't resist giving it a try. I have made these style of books before - but not for a long time, and I had forgotten all about them. I had a very enjoyable day puttering at these books. These books are great if you have never made a book before and want to try. (My niece has a link to a tutorial on her blog.) The first one I made is the larger brighter orange one. It has 7-8 pages (2 sided) in total - 3 pages are also envelopes to hold tags.

I then decided to make one with a double set of pages (15 - pieces of paper) - and to make it more in my style. The paper covering this one, is handmade paper that I made some time ago. I dyed the paper, and then stamped on it. I also used some fabric for the spine. This one has four envelope pages with tags inside. (2 side loading, 2 top loading)
Now this teensy tiny book was lots of fun to make. (It has the red cover in the first picture) You can write a favourite quote in it by writing one or two words on each page.
And the medium sized one on the first picture is this one. I wrote a quote in it and will be sending it off in the mail soon to my sister that lives miles away.

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