Monday, May 24, 2010

May Long Weekend

It was a beautiful May Long Weekend - and as usual the leaves were not out at the beginning of the weekend, but popped out by the end of it. We went to Kluane Lake for the day on Saturday, and the ice was not out yet - but according to the hubby it is not usually out until June. But as the picture shows above there was already a lot of open water - so if a big wind comes the lake may be ice free before June rolls in.

Although there were a few springs flowers beginning to show their colours, I seemed to focus on the dead flowers from last season.
A magpie came around to see what I was up to.....
and on the way home we saw about 30 snow geese feeding on the mud flats by the river.

My weekend also found me busy building a fire pit close to our house, and spending some hours creating.

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