Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Books for Sale.....

I have been making and selling books for a few years now. I make them all year round, and then sell that at craft sales usually close to Christmas. I finally finished these three small ones that I thought would be fairly quick to make - but they weren't, everything takes more time than expected. I did enjoy making them - or else why would I do it? Creating for me is essential to my feeling of happiness of self.
The books close by putting the flap that wraps around the edge of the pages under the button on the front of the book.
They are made with layers of paper and fabric, all sealed together with matte medium and a paste wax finish. The covers are sturdy, yet pliable. They are quite small, but too me that is part of their appeal. And so I ask - how much would people be willing to pay for a small handmade book such as these when you can buy cute manufactured blank books in so many stores these days? I would love to hear any answers.......

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