Sunday, May 9, 2010

New Book and Crocuses

My book this week, gave me a chance to use the tree image I had been wanting to use the moment I took it about a month ago. It was a fun book to make. It has a soft cover (my favourite at the moment), but very durable. The back cover has a flap that wraps around the front of the book, and the pages are enclosed.
The cover is made up of layers of paper, material, paint and ink, and of course tea bags (another favourite of the moment). The cover is sewn together, and then a layer of wax was rubbed into it, until it has a slight sheen.
The pages are made of 90 lb. watercolour paper, and each page was decorate with ink and paint and the sewn around.

I enjoyed making it.... but now my brain is busy thinking about the next books I want to make. Unfortunately - back to the day job tomorrow, so no time for book making tomorrow.

Today was Mother's Day - the tradition in our house is to go together with my parents and my kids and hubby to a place close by called crocus hill. The mountains were a bit stormy this year, but the crocuses were amazing! It is always so lovely after the winter of snow and cold to enjoy the first blooms of spring.

I took many crocus pictures - and my husband took some of me laying in the crocuses .... one of which I put up for my profile image. The warmth of the sun felt wonderful as I lay in the field of crocuses.
Another Happy Mother's Day!

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  1. I absolutely love your crocus pictures, especially the one of you lying in the flowers!
    Love the journal too.
    As always, thanks for the inspiration!