Sunday, April 10, 2011

Commisioned Book - Finally Finished!

A while ago I posted about a book I am making for a friend that was causing me difficulties. Well I am happy to say I have completed it to my satisfaction, and now I hope it is what he is wanting.

(And thank you for the suggestions on how I could fix it! Greatly appreciated!)

It is a soft covered book that has the look (and feel) that it has been tossed around for years. Well loved and often carried into the field.

The inside cover ...

and all the pages are decorated (?) to look worn and used, and often stamped with items that relate to the natural world or finding our way in the natural world.

While I was at it, I decided to make another book in the same style but in a slightly different colour.

I like the shabby grunchyness of the wrinkled pages and the feel of the soft yet sturdy cover. I may just have to make more......


  1. glad that you got it finished and are happy with it. Looks gorgeous!

  2. they are beautiful, you got some lovely effects :)

  3. Hey Kim, you did absolutely outstanding work here!
    I can just feel how perfect they will be to use and to have in your hands. Yes! you should make more!