Thursday, April 21, 2011

Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

I love making onion skin dyed Easter eggs, so I thought I would share with you how to make them.

You need a pile of onion skins, some raw eggs and an old pair of nylons

I keep a plastic bag in my onion bin, and safe the skins all year long - but you can also ask at theproduce section in your supermarket and get some there.

wrap the egg in layers of onion skin so none of the egg is showing....

with the skins held tightly around the egg, put it into the leg of the nylon, and pull
it tightly so the onion skins are held in place on the egg. Tie a knot in the nylon to keep the egg in place.

do this until your nylon is full, or you have used up all the eggs or onion skins.

THe eggs are now ready to be cooked!

gently add the eggs to a pot of hot water - bring to a boil and cover and let cook for 20 minutes.

When cooked, drain the lovely golden brown water off the eggs, and rinse with cold water.

When the eggs are cool enough, cut them open, peel the onion peels away...

and enjoy the beautiful eggs!

It is like unwrapping a treasure.... each one beautiful and unique.

I then rub them with a tiny bit of vegetable oil.

We sometimes have a hard time eating them as they are so pretty!


  1. dont they look gorgeous, i use to do these when my kids were at kinder....i wonder what color and effects spanish onions would give you with their lovely red color.i must try some....tfs:)

  2. Hey Kim, I've never done this before, they look like little works of art! Happy Easter to you and your family.

  3. So beautiful - every Easter I wish I had saved onion skins. Have you ever used them to dye paper? I might have to try that.

  4. Me and mom were just getting set up to do our onion eggs! See you soon!

  5. I haven't used them to dye paper before, but I thought about it as I was draining the beautiful coloured water - I also thought I should have put a piece of cotton fabric into the water while the eggs were cooking. One year I kept the spanish onion skins seperate to see if they would create a different colour egg - but they didn't.. still beautiful golds and browns.
    Happy Easter!

  6. Kim, I have been away from reading blogs but am so glad to read yours. I enjoy your philosophy, artwork and your eggs! Thanks for the posts.

  7. these look great going to try some today ...x

  8. Hi there, Briana told me about your stitching drawings and I finally got here to check them out. They're great! :) I love your eggs too, Briana and I made some yesterday - I'd read that purple cabbage would dye them blue, so we gave that a try too. They're very very pale, so we'll have to try something different next time. Also, the house smells like cooked cabbage - Peuw! Love Judy

  9. Hello, Only just found your blog. It's wonderful and just love all the creative things that you do.
    Happy Easter

  10. What a nice demonstration and the eggs are beautiful! I was wondering about purple onion skins.Thanks for sharing this:)