Monday, April 18, 2011

Drawing with Stitches

I love the look of machine stitching that stitches a loose looking drawing. I have an old sewing machine that my mom sewed my clothes on many years ago. It is heavy and can stitch through many layers of paper. (just what I need!) I am lucky to have it. One thing it can't do, is attach a free motion foot to it to do the fancy sewing that I would like to do.... or so I thought. But a few days ago I decided to give "drawing" with my old straight sewing machine (with no fancy foot) a try....

and below is what I came up with.

They are all sewed on paper that I had decorated and was laying around the studio.

It was lots of fun, and even though I can't do tight smooth curves (circles are really hard), I am thrilled how these turned out.


  1. Kim, yes it has a great handmade feel to it.

  2. These are so lovely, Kim! you are just loaded with talent and ideas! It's always nice when you find you don't need the fancy gadgets after all!

  3. Wouw!!! J'adore! That double spread is GORGEOUS! I bought a sewing machine two years ago... but never had the time to read the user manual. I should definitely get to it. Thanks for inspiring me!

  4. These are just lovely! Your circles look perfect to me. And no, you don’t need a fancy machine, as well you’ve proved!

  5. Hoo-wee! I think you are onto something! You are so creative with everything you do!!1

  6. love this! we shall be out for a bit at easter, perhaps we will have a playdate? Feels like I haven't seen you in ages!