Thursday, May 3, 2012

Favourite Things Collages

My bird drawings, tea bags, rustic stitching, and my handmade paper are all some of my favourite things.

And that is what I used to make these two collages.

This one was made as a folding collage that can be displayed standing up.

I have used these bird drawings in so many creations lately, but for some reason I have not tired of using them, but have just become more attached to them.

The second collage I left flat so that it can be framed.

I really love the natural colours found in the different tea bags. 
When I only make one cup of tea from the bag, the colour in the bag is stronger then when I use a bag to brew a whole pot of tea.  Also chai tea makes the bags very dark, ginger tea makes for a greenish bag, and berry teas have a pinkish or purplish cast to them. 

Collages are available for sale in my Etsy shop.

   If anyone has any suggestions on  how to increase traffic to an etsy shop I sure would appreciate it.  


  1. Beautiful work Kim!!

    As for etsy, well it's been slow on there lately for many people, my only advice is to keep making and listing items, the more you list the more interest you will get :)

  2. hi Kim, I know at my work in a government department putting up a flyer with tear off etsy address works. advertise locally with the local grocery store the same way. Not that I have a shop but I do know poeple at work that sell stuff this way. also on your business cards check who do fab cards so cheep add you etsy shop address there...just some thoughts. your work is truly lovly. dont give up

  3. Kim - these are all so lovely! Are your birds transfers or do you draw them? They are wonderful.

    I ended up closing my etsy shop - it seemed to take more time than I got in sales. I see lots of bloggers listing items for sale on their blogs and then moving the item (that sells) to etsy for the transaction. Or you could add a paypal button to your blog.

    Your stuff should sell - it's so fabulous - just need folks to see it.

  4. love the birds. etsy shop...I tried it for a short time. I had several people tell me that the pics of my work on my blog were nice but actually seeing my art in person is different, more wow factor in seeing them with their own eyes. living in a rural aera it's not easy finding an outlet to sell. Craft shows are not a fit for my work...craft shows in my area a for cheap crafty stuff someone copied out of a magazine, not for original art. I'm looking more to publishing. Maybe you should think about one line classes where you teach what you do. sell more of your ideas to magazines.I'll be in Green Craft again..I think in the fall..they gave me a May 5th deadline. also I think there are more etsy like sites popping up..maybe move to one where it is less crowded. also try Ebay!

  5. These collages are just beautiful. Increase your circles on Etsy, altho I've increased circles regularly & still have had only one sale ;( I read the huge amount of Etsy advice, but it seems to me the descriptive tag thing is important, imagining what words you would use if you were searching for your work. In the end, it's only 20c per item altho lots of mine are expiring end of this month!

  6. My Etsy shop is on vacation and I seriously don't know if I'll ever reopen it. Etsy takes up immense amounts of time and effort. You work though is beautiful AND suitable for the site. Try it for a while but remember: Etsy is designed to engage sellers and get them to endelessly list and relist items. About a year ago they changed the way their search engine works, making it much more difficult for sellers to be found. A few days later, they released a low-cost advertising option that was previously not necessary. At the end of the day, Etsy's best-selling business is Etsy.Inc.

  7. Lovely! (and I'd like to know how to drive more traffic to Etsy too! lol)

  8. Hi Kim, I chose NOT to have an Etsy shop when I recently began to sell my paintings for all the reasons your readers have written about.

    I am on Twitter and I have a "fan page" for my art on facebook. I have sold my work via those sites with all the connections I have made there. It's fast and powerful I think.

    What I did was create a new blog via blogger and just linked it as a page which shows as a tab at the top of my bog. So when I have painting for sale I give a shout out on my blog and then also link my "gallery" on my facebook and twitter. I created paypal buttons for every painting in the gallery.

    I have seen other bloggers put paypal buttons on every post, but once the post is old no one will see it. There are also many artists using ebay, but I have no idea how effective that is.