Monday, April 22, 2013

Thank You Gifts

I have been busy catching up on a few THANK YOU gifts that I have had in the works for a while. 
The first one is a book I made.  The image on the front cover was taken by the recipient of this gift and is a image of her young daughter wearing her heart sweater.
and the back cover.
I made this necklace for a women that has helped with my daughter's hockey team for the past couple of years.
 The bezel holds 3 beautiful little polished stones.
And these rustic earrings are for another women that has done lots of work for the same team. 
I am so happy to have finished these items and that they will soon be received by these wonderful people. 
 I would like to thank so many of you for  your lovely comments.
 It was such a gift for me to get all of your comments.
Winner #1 - Susan  Christensen(winning Necklace #1)
Winner #2  - Cyndi (Necklace #2)
and because this is so much fun I decided to draw a couple more names...
Winner #3 - Louise (delicate book in pocket)
Winner #4 - Fuzzy Fingers (Painting)
I will e-mail you all to get your addresses.
Thank you again so very much!
And now A Thank You Gift for a couple of you  - the readers of my blog.
 I wanted to offer up a couple of thank you gifts to you the readers of my blog  - the supporters of my creative endeavors.  I can not tell you how your supportive comments have assisted me especially over this past year.  Your comments always make me smile. 
 If you are interested in being gifted an item in this image, please leave a comment here by 
Sunday  April 28 (8PM Pacific time) and I will randomly choose 2 winners. 
 (Please let me know what item you would like, and ensure I can contact you)
The following images are close up images of some of my creations that I am offering up for gifts.
Necklace #1  - A pendant I  made with a copy of a face I painted encased in resin (glossy finish) on a bezel I made from metal.  It hangs on a black cord that can be slipped over your head, and adjusted to different lengths.
Necklace #2 - made the same way as the first necklace, with a different face painting.
Necklace #3 - made of reclaimed metal, with image encased in resin with a matte finish.  Hangs on an adjustable cord.
In case you are not a wearer of jewelry, I have added the following items to the give away list.
A small delicate book made with rice paper pages and  tea bag cover, with a sturdy pouch to keep it protected when it is not being used.
3 blank cards decorated with prints of  nature collages I have made.
And lastly a small original  painting I did on a tea bag that is mounted on watercolour paper


  1. Beautiful gifts Kim, anything from you would be a delight!!

  2. OH woow what a great giveaway! If I may choose I go for your lovely 3 cards with nature collages, they are so delicated!!! Greetings Miek

  3. May those beautiful gifts you've created and given in kindness be treasured Kim xx. “Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love. ― Lao Tzu

  4. How beautiful and generous Kim! I am with Micki - anything would be delightful but I love those ricepaperbooks.... :)

  5. What a wonderful give away, love that little book.

  6. What a lovely gesture! Your work is quite beautiful--I especially like the little necklace with leaves but all of it is wonderful. I imagine a studio filled with your art, and all sorts of images and object for inspiration.

  7. I have only recently become a follower of your wonderful blog, so I hope you don' t mind me adding my name to the list here. My first choice would be the gorgeous book but any of the others would be fantastic too, I LOVE everything you make, you are a true artist!

  8. I love the rice paper book!

  9. How wonderfully generous! I love your creations & think you are so talented. I love everything, but particularly the third pendant...and the note cards...and the painting...!!!
    I really must find out more about teabag is fascinating!

  10. Kim dear, it is torture to choose. But delicious also. I want them all. I love your things you make. I love your art. My choice, [as I am completely smitten] is the little book in its' own pouch. Oh hello! My arms are all tingly I love it so. Please put my name into the hat for a chance to win this giveaway from you. Thank you for being the generous artist that you are, and offering this treasure for us. N, xo
    P.S. years ago I made my first purchase on line. It was an a.t.c. that was in its' own pouch. Delicate. Tender. And one of my most favourite things I have. Your book in its' own pouch reminds me of it.

  11. Good morning Kim! What generous and beautiful "thank you" gifts. Please include my name in your draw.
    And as I love your work I would be thrilled with any of your pieces. Happy week to you. xo Carole

  12. Oh my is like Christmas over here! :) I would be most happy with any of the creations which are all so filled with magic and wonderfulness, but I am most drawn to the botanical necklace, or one of the mini books. That said if I were to win anything of yours there would be squeals of delight!

  13. Kim your work is so lovely -- and any of them would make me happy - but I love your books! What a generous give-away!
    Thank you!

  14. You have so many talents Kim. The thank you gifts you've made will be treasured, there is so much care in them. Your little books resonate with me most, tho' your pendants are lovely.

  15. What lovely creations! (as always!) <3

  16. I would love to be in with a chance to win. All of them are beautiful but I would especially love to own one of the little books or the original painting. ( My fingers and everything else it is poosible to cross are well and truly crossed)

  17. I love your work and enjoy reading your blog.. 'leaf' image necklace #3 and 'tea bag' book.

  18. Beautiful gifts, especially love the earings! exquisite!

  19. The book! Oh how I love books. And that one is so beautiful.

  20. I am in awe over the beautiful times you make. They seem so effortless for you. I'll throw my hat in the rings of hopes of having my name drawn. Thanks.

  21. Hi Kim- How very generous you are! I would love any one of your beautiful creations. I also want to let you know that you are the winner of the Yellow Challenge fabric. If you go to my Winner post, you will find my email address. I will need your mailing address so I can send it off to you.--Julie

  22. Kim! I am a huge fan of yours and love all your beautiful work and would be amazingly happy to have anything you chose to send my way (once you've picked my name, of course)! My favorites are the necklaces and the cards. . .

  23. kim! i'd love a chance for the small, delicate book!

    thank you!


  24. Hello, Kim. Please put my name in your hat for necklace one. my fingers are crossed!
    xxoo, sus

  25. As I was reading the post and saw the wonderful thank you creations for those lucky people I was wondering to myself what could I do for Kim so she would want to thank me like that:),,,then as I read on you offer your readers such generous, I almost feel silly "picking" which one I would want. Since I bind books of course I was drawn to the little cuties you show but I am such a fan of your art too then I saw the group of three cards or the original flower piece. I can just say if I were lucky enough I'd be happy with whatever you would deem me worthy. Do I feel lucky,,,come on Kim,,,make my day.

  26. are SO incredibly generous...what awesome thank you gifts!

  27. Hello Kim. I so enjoy all of your wonderful creations. They are all wonderful. If I had to choose; it would be either the necklace with the leaves or the rice paper book. Thank-you so much for the generous giveaway!

  28. Loved looking at all your creativity. Seeing the book you made makes me want to get busy making some books. I just organized my space so I have no excuse - other than work.

    Thanks for the inspiration

  29. what a special gift I have in my hand now from you. how thoughtful and creative of you! I will be blogging about this shortly. thank you kim. my heart feels full and I am touched. xx

  30. I missed the deadline, but I wanted to tell you how beautiful all your gifts are. Every single piece has that earthy lovely look you can always achieve with your art. Amazing.

    Have a great day Kim!