Monday, April 8, 2013

Travelling Slowly

I seem to have travelled slowly into this piece. 
I wanted to create it, but wasn't sure what it would be 
 I knew I wanted trees at the base but that is all that I knew.     

It has many layers of paint on it, and there was a number of times when I thought it was finished. 

It is finished now, and I added a final coat of paste wax.
It measures about 6x8 inches - so a bit bigger than my previous creation of this type - but not big.
 I am still gathering courage to try big.


  1. Another stunning creation! I love the fact the trees continue on the sides. There is such a special mood about this canvas, very beautiful and inspiring!

  2. ahhhh, kim! this is wonderful!!


    i think it was the last time i was here when i said that you never cease to amaze me. i'm gonna say it again. ; )


  3. i think you can build on this design into a bigger canvas, it'd be smashing, i think. on this format your complete work is stunning, yes, the sides! clever. and ik like the details of the black dabs. perfect mood image.

    i understand hesitation too. what a challenge!
    see you on the weekend!

  4. Hello Kim, this is truyl stunning, I LOVE it, absolutely gorgeous! Its so full of depth and the colors are wonderful and I really wonder how you did it? I was thinking about doing a piece like this with trees and had no idea how to manage it and now that I see your piece I know I can forget it - yours is perfect and it doesn't show at all that the size was any difficult for you.
    Sigh, its so wonderful.
    xoxo Barbara

  5. This really is beautiful. I love everything about it.

  6. Absolutely wonderful, Kim!
    You can get larger inch by inch
    and not jump straight into a 60"x72"! ;)
    xo Carole

  7. You are so talented that even though it is your soul poured into your art it feels like my soul is there too. I have stayed up way too late pouring over your blog and you can bet I will have some sweet dreams because your art has taken away every bit of the day's tension from this old body.