Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bundle Book II

I so enjoyed making my last bundle book (inspired by the amazing eb),
 that I decided to make another one. 
This one ended up being a hard covered book,
bound using a decorated tea bag wrap along the spine
that extends over the front and back cover. 
When opened,
the pages spill out waiting to be discovered
each one a different size,
folded with numerous accordion style folds

decorated with  tea bag circles, holes, ink, paint, stiches and x's
something new on each page
and when the pages
are all put away
and the book is closed
it gets wrapped with a thin piece of fabric
that holds onto a small
bundle of branches


  1. What a treasure this is! The stitches are especially pretty.

  2. I love how you finished it with the willow twigs!

  3. And will this one be for sale? Just's whispering to me.

  4. I ♥♥♥love♥♥♥ your books! :D

  5. Kim your book is so wonderful, love everything about it.

  6. Beautiful book Kim. I thought I was finished with my teabag books. You have inspired me to do more.

  7. I love your bundle book, so beautiful. A perfect thing to do with all my mono prints!