Monday, July 15, 2013

Sticks and Stones

I love bits of wood and stones and seem to collect them wherever I go. 

I also love collecting botanical bits.
and in the past year or so, I have so enjoyed putting them together.
I not only love how these bits look when they are combined, but also how they feel. 
They feel so good to hold.
They also bring me so much joy in their making - I am not too sure why.
These are the newest ones  I have made
And on this sunny summer day,
I enjoyed playing with them

and arranging them

in different patterns.

When I was done playing they joined  a few of the others I have made.
Although I don't have many others left, - as I often seem to be giving them away
 - and with the giving I hope I pass along the joy that they have brought me.


  1. They are lovely Kim and look gorgeous in their grouping.

    I love driftwood and pebbles too!

    Helen x

  2. Beautiful creations, i love them all xx

  3. ...and me I enjoy watching your arrangements,
    so very beautiful, very inspiring
    x Stefanie

  4. FABULOUS collage work... a lovely play on organic nature...

  5. So pretty, I wish I could wear them.

  6. These sticks and stones are beautiful. Holding them must give you such little meditations.

  7. How very precious! Lovely to look at, and such a nice idea to give them away as gifts.

  8. Your photographs are just as pleasing to the eye as they must feel in the hand. I'm so pleased that you shared your gathering spot with me. I have a few little treasures of my own to behold now...minus the collage that is!

  9. Dear Kim, I know what you mean about giving things away. It's so fun. These treasures are divine. Special things. I love them. As always your work makes my heart zing. Norma, x

  10. oh kim, you know that these make my heart beat fast.... if you could see me as i sit here you would smile... : )

    it makes me want to take my stick/stone/rust drawing-on endeavors even farther!! and i've been completely overlooking small pieces of wood...

    thank you...


  11. I love the feel of a smooth stone in my hand. I don’t know why either. It’s calming somehow. Yours are stunning!

  12. so lovely!
    I too have been rocking - come see my DR rocks

  13. ah, you are turning treasures into treasures


  14. Your little pebbles look so tactile!Beautiful!!

  15. Oh my goodness, Kim, what an amazing creature you are, these are just some of the most exquisite objects I have ever seen in my life. Are they for sale? I would very much like to buy one or two (or five!!) from you!?! I understand if they are not for sale and don't mean to pressure you. I have some calligraphy stones from Fiona and these would look super next to them in my little house. AMAZING!! (also as a pendant!)

  16. Love these - they would make a wonderful collection of paperweights on a desk!! Cheers!!

  17. From a fellow rock stick and bits lover, yours are a true treasure !

  18. Hey Kim, these are wonderful little creations. I particularly love the first piece......
    How lovely to be able to share these with friends......
    Think I'm, going to be seeing rocks and bits of wood in a different light from now on.

    Claire :)

  19. Just beautiful Kim- like talismans :)

  20. I love these Kim - they seem so original to me - you give fresh inspiration