Saturday, July 6, 2013


After many hours and many layers of paint  she emerged.
She is created from a piece of wood that I covered with paper and tea bags to provide some texture.
I continue to be comfortable working on pieces around this size or smaller. 
And so for now that is where I will stay.
I love the idea of scribbling on a creation, so I continued to try it out here.
Some of the leaves were made from a hand carved stamp I made,
I then continued to add leaves by scribbling them on with my pen.

I wonder what will emerge from the next project???
I have many things started, so I hope to finish one of them before beginning anything else brand new.


  1. WoW! Your canvas is so gorgeous and romantic! I love the fantastic natural textures and the adorable motif.

  2. Amazing, i love the style and colours xx

  3. Beautiful emergence! Love the colors, too.

  4. So beautiful, love the limited palette!

  5. Gosh what a process of her birth, just amazing Kim, she's beautiful!

  6. Amazing, and your segment shots of this piece of work are just as nice. That's the kind of faces I like to see, so expressive and the gaze is fixed elsewhere than right back at me.

  7. i enjoy completing pieces....
    this one is beautiful
    and has a feeling of serenity for me
    i love looking at it.

  8. It is so neat to see a face made by you because she still has that natural organic look that almost everything you make has. It's truly wonderful. She is lovely.