Thursday, July 18, 2013

Searching for Indigo

I have been joining Julie and Jennifer in their search for all the colours of the rainbow. 
This month we are looking for the colour I N D I G O
It has been a tough one to find.
I started my search on line and asked google to show me INDIGO images,
and I got everything from a brilliant violet, to a deep blue.
To me INDIGO is a mixture between a navy blue and a deep purple
and so that is what I decided to search for. 

I found it in my image of some lupines,
(and from now on I will say these flowers are indigo in colour and not a purplish blue)
It is also in the lobelia's that I mounted on this rock. 
Then I challenged myself to create with this colour,
and I decided to make a pair of INDIGO coloured earrings.
Once I made them, I struggled to photograph them in a way that you can see that they are indeed INDIGO
They do look a bit more INDIGO here. 
Which is actually the closest to their true colour.

Then I had too much fun taking pictures of my little wooden giraffe modeling them
that I ran out of time to look for more Indigo. 
Make sure to visit Julie and Jennifer to discover more INDIGO.
(INDIGO has become a new favourite word that was rarely in my vocabulary before this month!)


  1. How happy your giraffe must be to model a lovely pair of indigo earrings! Thanks for going the extra step to make something for the Challenge. Love the lupine too.--Julie

  2. I agree with your vision of what exactly is the color indigo, Kim. Now I will be on the lookout for it too!
    our lupines here are pretty much over for another year and we have a beautiful abundance of fireweed everywhere.

  3. And it's the colour I looked for too - but it was difficult to find. I love your earrings ... and the giraffe!

  4. Giraffe makes a great model for you gorgeous earrings!
    I've missed your beautiful blog while away. You have such a way with colour and light.
    Happy week to you, Kim.

  5. The earrings are gorgeous kim, so is the giraffe. Indigo is my favourite colour at the moment, i've been using it in watercolours paintings alongside sepia. My shop is called Indigo Moon too xx

  6. Beautiful earrings! I love your giraffe modeling them! ♥♥♥

  7. Gorgeous indigo - and giraffe! I think your solution of making your own indigo was inspired!

  8. After seeing your photos, I do think giraffes should always accessorize! Lovely indigos and inspired jewelry.

  9. Lovely indigo and wonderful earrings! A great idea to actually make something so perfectly indigo. And I do love your giraffe, too.