Sunday, January 24, 2016

Tea Bags and Stamps

I am a little late in switching over from the day planner
I made last year (left) to the one I made for this year. 

But it is ready to go for February 1st
which is the day I go back to work 
after spending the month of January playing and relaxing. 

I decorated the cover and pages with my hand carved stamps.

The system I used last year worked great,
so I am continuing in the same format.

I carry around 3 months of pages at a time,
and can add and remove the months of pages as needed. 

A system to help keep me smiling and organized for the year!


  1. What a wonderful idea ...and lovely to hold in the hand and write in something you've created yourself!

  2. What a beautiful little book, and what a clever idea. I adore the cover, and the minimalist decoration on the pages. It's a realy little treasure!


  3. That is so beautiful and your system is interesting. Simple and I like that.

  4. You always make such lovely books/planners! ♥♥♥♥

  5. Lovely! I've always made my own planners too...until this year. :( I caved and bout one. I just knew I couldn't get it done in time and without a planner, I'm frazzled. Tour planner and the pages are gorgeous. There's just something so present and mindful when we make and use our own planners.

  6. I came over from Dorthe's Den Lille Lade, and very happy that I did - I've been scrolling up and down and enjoying your work very much. I've signed up as your newest follower.
    Alison x