Wednesday, January 13, 2016

In Love with Little

A new year made me want to make a new book to play in.

And to make sure I finish it this year
I made it really tiny. 

I am really enjoying working little.

And I have already finished 5 pages....

and the book only has 8 pages.

I also love the beautiful lettering on the front and the back.
My sister was doing a calligraphy demonstration, 
and I absconded with the papers that she was getting rid of. 
Her lettering was of course beautiful and tidy.... 
.... I grunged them up for the cover. 


  1. Brilliant! I think I'll steal this idea. Maybe then I'd actually finish a sketchbook! It won't look as beautiful as your though......

  2. this is wonderful, love the little pages of art

  3. This is a beautiful little book and every page a delight.

  4. Good things come in small packages ... here's to working small!

  5. I feel definitely inspired...

  6. Ah! I love it! I went to the Beatrix Potter museum last summer and saw the teeny tiny books she made. I love tiny books, they seem to hold magic in them. xx