Monday, January 18, 2016

Grit and Grace

I am taking an online course 
I love Katie's paintings.

I created this journal page by sticking down collage paper
and did my best to let it direct me to this final stage.  

Journal page #2 was the same process
although all of my collage bits seemed to get covered with paint. 

Looseness is not in my comfort zone, 
I need to work on it. 

Decided to do a page a bit more inside my comfort zone,
although I did use some techniques shown in the course. 

I will continue to push myself outside my comfort zone
.....  maybe tomorrow.


  1. I find working in a 'loose' way is difficult. I m still trying. Your pages are amazing and you are managing to experiment whilst still working in your distinctive style. I love the beautiful paper and the torn edges in your sketchbook too.

  2. Kim, these pages are just lovely to look at. The earthy tones and whimsical figures and touches make it so wonderful. I am sure the course is a good one, I love Katie's work too.

    The torn edges of your sketchbook remind me of an old scroll. I love that look! Happy week to you.

  3. I love that wonderful, whimsical rabbit face! And your colors are so atmospheric.

  4. Nice to hear you are enjoying the course.
    I have enjoyed seeing each of your pieces.

  5. Hi Kim. Lovely work. Have fun loosening up!
    Is it cold outside? Keep warm. xo

  6. Loving these pages! I know what you mean about loosening up....lately I'm so tight I'm afraid my fingers might snap off when I try and :-/

  7. Oh Kim I am sooooo happy to have found you and your artwork! I think you should teach classes you have so much creativity! I hope you do! LOVE your work!