Friday, January 1, 2016

Old Year - New Year

Well, even though I wasn't ready for it, 
2015 became the OLD YEAR.  

It doesn't seem so long ago that I started this journal
and I expected to finish it in 2015.

I worked in it happily through out the year
and shared it here, here, here and here.
But it became obvious that I wouldn't finish it by the end of 2015.

And I decided it would be okay 
if I completed 1/2 of it before the new year rolled in. 

So on December 30 I glued some bits down
and drew a bit.

I added some paint and thought it was done.

Decided it was not finished 
so added some bits.

Then removed some and added others
until it was finished. 

December 31 found me busy on the middle page of the book
which I managed to finish in time for the year to wind down
and a new one to begin. 

This colourful earred bunny is now waiting patiently
to see what will be added to the NEW YEAR page.

I look forward to continued fun in this little book in 2016. 


  1. This is charming. Your blog is always a visual delight and a pleasure to visit.
    Happy New Year! Margaret

  2. I would love to explore this sweet little book in my hands. So many beautiful images to study and thoroughly enjoy. Looking forward to the next pages.

  3. A very happy 2016 to you. And filled or not...that book is a treasure.

  4. Your book, your rules! You might even start a trend. (I kinda like the idea, not as much pressure to finish!) Your pages are lovely, as always. ♥♥♥

  5. love your art! What kind of paper are you working on?

  6. love your art! What kind of paper are you working on?

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    2. Hello CatieAn
      Thank you for your comment. It makes me smile when other people enjoy what I create. I made this book using a student grade 90 lb. cold press watercolour paper that I stained with tea I believe (maybe a little walnut ink... can't remember for sure).