Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Booklet and a Hike

Here is the newest little booklet I have made - sitting in my bowl of treasures I have picked up from various travels - some close to home, some not.

The booklet is quite small with only one signature. The cover wraps around the front, and closes by tucking under the button.

Yesterday, I went hiking for the day. Although it was cloudy, it was the perfect day for hiking - not too hot, not too many bugs, and it didn't rain.

I love the colours in the rocks on the mountains.

There were numerous flowers in bloom - many larger, and more showy than this one, but I thought this one so pretty against the weathered log.


Last of all I want to thank all of you that left a comment on my last post. It was very helpful. I think I should do as suggested - that is with 6 books do a variety of closures/wraps around the journals. If people prefer it with no closure or wrap, they can just take them off. It makes me smile to see different ideas and ways that people like things, - just a reminder that we are all so different - YEAH!


  1. Girlfriend, I love your books. And the landscape there is just beautiful. thank you for sharing!