Friday, July 9, 2010

Treasure Books and a Question

Well I have managed to finish 4 of the 6 treasure booklets. These little items although have been a lot of fun to make, have gobbled up many hours of my time. 2 more to go. Today, I tried various ways to put them together, and decided I like this way the best after all.

Although I haven't counted there are about 45 - 50 hand decorated pieces of paper in each book. Most of them can be written/drawn/painted/collaged on, but a few are just decorative.

My initial idea was to wrap them up with a tea dyed strip of fabric. I don't want them tied in a bow though, as this looks to "pretty" compared to the rough and aged treasure look I wanted. SO I am not too sure about the fabric strips.

My question is - should I just wrap the fabric around the book and secure it with a clip or pin? Should I tie a piece of twine around it loosely, so it can be easily slipped on and off? Or is my original idea of a piece of fabric loosely tied around the booklet the way to go? Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


  1. The only problem with the fabric strips (while I like the idea) is that it hides your super gorgeous book cover!!! Those are really really fantastic and they are worth every hour you put into them. the finished product is just amazing! So I do like the fabric, but maybe use a thinner strip? And yes, no bow. Man, oh man, those are so gorgeous!!

  2. I have to agree with Kelly, make your fabric thinner. You do not want to cover these works of art. I do like the simplicity of the jute. Can you do a few of each?
    Your journals are absolutely amazing. You are a very talented lady.

  3. How about an organza type bag like you get wedding favors in? Or a see-through ribbon with wire that you could twist?

    I LOVE these books- they look so wonderfully tactile! Great work!

  4. WOW Kim these are stunning. What an amazing gift for someone

  5. These are beautiful. I had one with string / elastuc and a button you could wrap it round...really easy to open and shut. And you are so right..we have to be enjoying what we do or there's no have fun this week and I will try to aswell(once I've got chores out of the way!). x

  6. I like the wrapped fabric a lot (the first one with the clip). I'm big on the ceremony of unwrapping a favorite journal. :-) These turned out so great -- nice work!!

  7. these are really beautiful treasures! i think you can wrap them any way you want to. it would be fun to unravel any sort of ribbon or packaging and find this as a surprise!

  8. These books are beautiful! I'm a bit late but I like the idea of a thinner strip, perhaps a little rougher, less perfect. The jute string is simple and goes very well with your books too.