Monday, July 19, 2010

Books in a Bowl

This picture was supposed to be the LAST one on this post - but it wasn't being obedient like the others, and wanted to go first. I have no energy to argue tonight, so first it is.

It shows what the books look like when you open them.

Here are the 8 new books I made over the weekend. They are not very big, and fit very nicely into my treasure bowl.

Here are four of them lined up for a better view. I am not a girl that carries around a big purse, these books are just the right size to fit into my camera case, or the small pack or bag that I may carry around.
They close by inserting the small flap under the button that is sewn onto the front.

Here they are neatly lined up to have there picture taken - such obedient books!


  1. these books are beautiful. i love the colors of them. those bees are my favorite.

  2. love those little books all sitting together. very beautiful :)
    What are you doing with all these beautiful notebooks you are making lately - getting ready for Cranberry fair?
    See you SOON! XO
    *give my puppy some love from me too*

  3. wow your books are amazing as is the beautiful postcard I received today...I love it and it is now sitting on my dresser with some retro vases and winter flowers. thanks so much for sending something so lovely, I have put a little post on my blog about it

  4. I have serious book lust over your little booklets! You are very talented, beautiful work.

  5. Isn't it funny how some pictures can be so stubborn about where they want to go in Blogger? :-) These books are beautiful and I especially like the one with the ferns.