Monday, July 26, 2010

Postcard to New Zealand

I sent this postcard off to New Zealand a while ago. It was part of a postcard exchange arranged through Beth who lives in the U.K. I am glad to say it arrived safely at Gabrielle's house in New Zealand. I actually was too late to receive a postcard, but just in time to send one off. I enjoyed making it. The rules were pretty easy - The theme was Time, and it was supposed to have some stitching on. I believe Beth is going to host another exchange like this in the near future. I hope to participate, but my time is getting tighter with so many things I have committed myself to lately. I am trying to wrap up some book making I still have on the go, as I have to get into jewellery making mode soon. I haven't made jewellery for quite some time, but have signed up for an online course with Stephanie Lee that starts August 9. I am excited about it, but need to ensure I have the supplies, and get my brain and hands ready for jewellery making. It is presently swirling with book ideas.

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