Monday, July 5, 2010

Not Like I Envisioned - But Okay For Now

I continue to work on the 6 Treasure Booklets that I decided to make a while back. The first wintery looking one was put together tonight. I am not completely happy with how it went together... but I will sit with it this way for a while, and see what comes. It was supposed to be put together with metal rings at the top, but they made the book to tight to open.

Here is a few of the open book .... with many pages ready for filling with writing, drawings , pasting or whatever one would wish.

My idea for the booklet was for many differently decorated pages stacked unevenly on top of each other. A treasure chest of pages just waiting to be discovered, and inviting creativity.

And this I think has worked. Many layers of roughly decorated pages.....

This is the cover for Treasure Booklet #2...... and yes I have 6 of these to make.


  1. Dear Kim-thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I love your books-do you make them from scratch? They are amazing little treasures of art...(aptly titled Treasures!!)Wow-they are so amazing with all the layers and depth and textures you add. ...P.S. from a fellow Canadian xxx

  2. what gorgeous treasures! love all the different beautiful papers, they are making beautiful notebooks.
    Job interview went well the other day, I now have a job to come home to :)
    Its almost time for me to start packing all of my crafting supplies away, and to start with the apartment cleaning instead...not looking forward to it!
    See you in a few weeks!!

  3. In answer to the question above - is yes I do make them from scratch... that is I don't make the paper (well some of it I do), but I decorate the pages, in most cases with paper I have decorated, or with paints, inks etc. It is fun - but very time consuming.

  4. Oh, your book is gorgeous! It makes me want to hold it, turn its pages, feel all the lovely papers, stitching and paint. Yummy!

    Six books does sound a bit daunting, but they're going to be wonderful.