Thursday, July 28, 2011

Future Looks Inviting

I had a busy day today, but as I didn't have time to create yesterday, I knew it was essential that I do at least a bit of creating today. And this was the little piece that came out of me.

It is based on a drawing/painting I did a long time ago, but looks completely different this time around. I enjoyed making it, and now can happily relax and get some sleep.
The painting reads..... future looks inviting ........ I'm ready


  1. Kim, luv the shapes in the bottom right
    hand corner.

  2. wonderful that you got to your art. A wonderful piece. sweet dreams.

  3. I like the words "future looks inviting" A message to us all! The colours are very lovely

  4. I really like those words, too, and they certainly fit this lovely piece.