Saturday, July 9, 2011

Layers and Layers

Layers and layers of work has gone into this piece..... and it is not finished yet.

It started off as a plastered covered cradle board that I added some paint too, and then sanded off some of the paint to make a distressed look.

I then transferred a copy of an picture I took a few years ago.

I painted over top of it, so much that my trees disappeared, so I drew/painted them in again. I added some more colour that became too much colour (but I didn't take a picture at that stage)
So I painted over the layer, and repainted some trees.

And this is where I am at now.... not finished, and again unsure where to go from here. I will wait to see what it tells me.


  1. So far it’s lovely. It’s very interesting to watch the evolution of someone else’s creative process. (PS Love your trees!)

  2. Kim, awesome and educational. What more can I say but thank you.

  3. So many layers! It looks amazing. :)

  4. auntie kim, this is beautiful! When are we going to get together for some craftiness? Time is flying by much too quickly these days!
    Your plaster work is gorgeous, and so inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

  5. hi kim, stopping by from plaster class... loving this, the tree image is gorgeous on that xx